RAW Affiliate Program

Are you a teacher looking to build a bigger stronger teaching schedule, If you answered YES to this then you could become part of the RAW Affiliate program to use the RAW name and also get coaching from RAW to help you on your journey.

Over the years of Building RAW to what it is today Richard the owner of RAW has made many mistakes and invested money into many things that have shown no return, for a small investment you can get coaching on what TO DO but more importantly what NOT TO DO while building your business and on top of this use the RAW name that is well known in the industry to help you gain momentum.

If this is of interest to you then read on:

How it works:

You get access to the RAW name that is tried and tested and more importantly respected and known in the teaching business. 
You will become a RAW affiliate partner. 
You get access to Rich who will offer you advise on how to grow things and again more importantly advise on what not to do, Rich has years of experience growing a teaching business and also many more years of teaching at the highest level. 
Advice includes. 
Teaching ( drums if specific detail is required )
Business, from accounts to sales and marketing, websites to Facebook pages. 
Contracts with teachers and students. 
Access to companies like Mapex, Vic Firth, Aquarian, paiste and Protection Racket and Jobeky Drums. 
You will also get a section on the RAW website visited by thousands of people every month to help and get your name out as a teacher. 
Of course there are a few things before you join up.
You must be committed to teaching and in it for the correct reasons, to benefit the next generation of musicians, not because you don't have enough work on with your band.
You must be able to teach to any ability from novice to pro, if this is not the case then you can work on your teaching skills and knowledge with Rich under a separate package. 
You must be professional at all times and conduct yourself in a business like manner after all this is the RAW name at stake. 
You must have a dedicated teaching space either a shop, rehearsal room or private studio, not a back bedroom in your house, that will not give the desired impression when working with RAW.
How much does all this cost you? Not as much as you would think.
The entire cost for the service to you is the fee from a one hour lesson per week.


For more information contact RAW via Email on info@rawstudios.net using the header RAW Affiliate program.