lessons in School / College


Are you a school looking to update the way music lessons are taught to your students.


If you answered YES to this then RAW could be the company you are looking for.


RAW can offer 1 to 1 or Group lessons in the following:







Over the last few years the RAW tutors have offered lessons to a host of schools and colleges all across the region these have ranged from 1 to 1 lessons during school time to after school clubs focusing on music.


At RAW we do not have a fixed price that suits all, we believe in working with the school closely prior to any work commencing, this way all the services can fit exactly the Brief from the school and more importantly fit the budget.


All the tutors are DBS checked with the the update service in place cutting down the amount of work the school has to do in advance.


If you want to move your school to the next level in music education then contact RAW today.


To book a no obligation phone call or meeting please email RAW, using the header School lessons. [email protected]  


We look forward to working with you and your students very soon.