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Here at RAW we run things differently to the masses, We tailor ever lesson to your needs and make sure you get what you want from your time with us.

Our Priority is you !!!!!!!

Lessons are available on the following instruments: 

Drum lessons Halifax, Guitar Lessons Halifax.

  1. Drums
  2. Bass
  3. Guitar

We teach the theory in a subtle drip feed way while at the same time taking an interest in your musical tastes and your personality (Not everyone learns the same way) and this is what has made RAW into what it is today, One of the best teaching studios in the UK.

During your lessons with us at RAW we will teach you all you need to know to mak the most of playing your chosen instrument.


  • Music Reading
  • Music Theory
  • Warms ups 
  • Technique
  • Development exercises
  • How to avoid Injury
All our tutors are Professional musicians so what you learn is from years of experience not just from text books.


If you want to learn for Fun or to make a career from Music we can help, we offer lessons from ages 6 to 100 and we gaurantee you will not look back after booking with us.


RAW really is a one stop shop for anything music related.

Check us out today.

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